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Lindab Magestic™ Guttering

Lindab steel rainwater components are designed with an expected useful lifespan of 70 years. Even with a strong life expectancy, product advances are always needed to suit different locations and colour choice. Lindab Magestic™ offers a new aesthetic choice and material strength to homeowners and designers.

Lindab Magestic™ is an unpainted range of gutters, downpipes and ancillary rainwater items that have a natural bright appearance that patinates within two or three years to an attractive dusty grey. 

Unpainted doesn’t mean a lack of the expected Lindab quality or protection. In fact, the bright natural appearance is derived from a super protective Zinc + Magnesium coating that ensures greater protection, even in aggressive environments such as coastal locations.


Can Lindab Magestic™ be used as a standing seam roof to match my Lindab Magestic guttering?

Yes, Magestic™ can be applied by local metal roof contractors as a standing seam roof or wall cladding. The material will patinate to a darker zinc grey after a few years.

Where can I purchase Lindab Gutters? offers an express delivery service for gutters and downpipes. We have the complete range of Lindab Magestic size components, all available from stock ready to be delivered directly to your home or site.

Does Lindab Magestic™ come with a warranty?

Yes, it comes with a 10-year warranty.

Gutters and downpipes that age beautifully

New coating technology

On first installation, Lindab Magestic™ will have a clean, crisp and bright appearance.

Very quickly after installation, the top layer, having been strengthened with a surface coating that contains 3% magnesium and a similar amount of aluminium, begins its protective process.  This small addition of magnesium to the zinc drastically increases the material performance. Salt crystals in the air are naturally repelled, giving a reduced capacity to stick to the material surface.

This coating also ensures that Lindab Magestic™ gives the highest surface protection rating available for metallic coated steels. In fact, Magestic has over 20 x the resistance to corrosion than standard galvanised steel in marine environments.

Lindab Magestic 10 year warranty lindab magestic spray test

Eco-friendly Steel Guttering that doesn’t cost the earth.

Galvanised steel gutters are highly environmentally friendly when compared to similar rainwater products such as aluminium, plastic, zinc and cast iron.  Steel is completely recyclable and can outlast many of its competitors. A long life means fewer natural resources are used to replace the 'end of life' items. 

The addition of a small amount of Zinc (3%) to the coating uses less zinc resources, improves performance and ensures fewer coating materials are used in the manufacturing process. The water run-off into the soil and ecosystem will hence contain less zinc particles in comparison to hot-dipped galvanised steel gutters. 

Sustainable Guttering : Lindab Guttering

30% of the steel used in Lindab rainwater components comes from recycled steel!

A changing appearance to a changing environment

Magestic™ starts its long life with a bright, natural, unweathered appearance.  

Natural weathering and patination slowly turns the coating into a darker grey.

Slowing Coastal Corrosion

Lindab is a global company with over 10,000 employees and is a leader in rainwater systems. Their research and development are continually looking to improve the lifespan of galvanised steel gutters and downpipes. Magestic™ has undergone outdoor exposure testing with results demonstrating in excess of 3 x the corrosion resistance of standard galvanised steel in a marine environment.

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