Alutrix 600 Self Adhesive Vapour Barrier

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Alutrix 600 is a high-performance, puncture-resistant vapour barrier often used in demanding locations (i.e areas of high humidity). This 43.2²m roll can be used with single ply, zinc warm roofs, and standing seam metal roofs.

Use FG 35 primer to bond onto a wide range of substrates including galvanised steel decking. Once lapped this roll will cover 40m². High tear resistance.

Dimensions & Coverage Table

  • 10m x 1.08m Roll: 10.8m² roll size
  • 20m x 1.08m Roll: 21.60m² roll size
  • 30m x 1.08m Roll: 32.4m² roll size
  • 40m x 1.08m Roll: 43.2m² roll size

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Why Buy Alutrix 600?

  • Self-adhesive for ease of installation
  • Ideal for use on profiled metal decking
  • Quick to install
  • Creates an airtight and vapour-tight seal (sd value > 1,500m) by Energy
  • Conservation Regulations
  • Accommodates extreme internal conditions
  • Very high vapour and tear resistance

ALUTRIX® 600 is a high-performing, impervious vapour barrier, often used as part of a roof build-up in demanding locations.
For standing seam metal roofs that use hard metals including Zinc, Copper, GreenCoat PLX or Aluminium, Alutrix 600 is an ideal vapour barrier, particularly in warm roof applications where the membrane's bituminous core element 'self-seals' around the screw fixings used to secure standing seam sheets to the supporting deck. This self-sealing functionality maintains air-tightness, sealing against moisture and vapour ingress.

Alutrix is also ideal for use on roofs using mechanically fixed single-ply membranes, roofing felts or asphalts. The membrane’s flexibility and ease of installation make it an ideal choice for aggressive environments, including agricultural buildings, swimming pools, industrial buildings and standard residential homes.

This vapour barrier membrane can be self-installed by simply removing the detachable protective film from the backing and sticking to most standard building materials including timbers and even profiled metal decks.

It is recommended to use the Alutrix surface primer FG 35 on substrates including timber and bituminous-type substrates. The rubber-based primer assists with bonding. It may also be necessary to clean down certain areas to ensure good adhesion. If so, the Alutrix G 500 cleaner should be used (not sold by Trade Warehouse). This compound cleans lightly solid areas, substrates and equipment.

Alutrix 600 is quick and easy to install, whilst also assisting with energy & heat conservation.

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