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End Post For 3ft Composite Fence KitEnd Post For 3ft Composite Fence Kit
End Post For 3ft Composite Fence Kit
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3m Composite Fence Posts - Trade Warehouse3m Composite Fence Posts - Trade Warehouse
3m Composite Fence Posts
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Composite Fence Post Caps - Trade WarehouseComposite Fence Post Caps - Trade Warehouse
Composite Fence Post Caps
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3m Concrete Post Spacer for Composite Fence Panels - Trade Warehouse3m Concrete Post Spacer for Composite Fence Panels - Trade Warehouse
Straight Cut Tin Snips - Trade Warehouse
Straight Cut Tin Snips
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Long Lasting

These composite fencing panels are extrmeley durable and long lasting, thanks to the combination of 60% FSC accredited wood fibres and 40% recycled plastic. The honeycomb core also offers additional strength.

Because of this, the composite panels are able to withstand harsh environments; from the winds of the coast to the beaming rays of the sun in Dorset. This product serves as a great alternative to traditional timber wood fence panels, which are prone to splintering.

If you're re-doing your garden space, you may want to consider outoor composite decking which beautifully complements this fencing. We can also supply you with a range of garden furniture - all to your doorstep.

Easy To Maintain

If you choose wood fencing, you’ll need to sand, oil, paint and stain the panels to keep them looking pristine. Composite fencing, on the other hand, only needs a simple jet wash with soapy water. Dirt or debris will not stick to the surface or seep into any gaps. 

This saves you valuable time, allowing you to work on other (more important) things! If you have any questions about how to maintain or install your fencing, please get in touch with our technical team:

No Splintering Or Rotting

WPC fencing will not splinter or rot due to the composition of wood fibres and plastic. Timber, on the other hand, may rot when exposed to heavy rain for prolonged periods. We offer a wide range of colours to match your surrounding environment. For a more authentic wood look, consider the Teak or Redwood finish.

We take pride in all of the products that we offer. If, at any point, you have any queries or concerns, get in touch with our We know online shopping for construction materials can be tough!

Fencing FAQs

It costs slightly more than traditional timber fencing panels, however it is much longer lasting and weather resistant. With the temperamental UK climate, we advise using a durable, composite material to ensure longevity and an outdoor space you can be proud of.

Yes – please refer to our full installation guide for more details.

Yes! There is no need to oil, varnish or paint your cladding boards – we recommend regularly wiping down composite cladding boards with a smooth cloth, using a bit of soap to get rid of simple stains. 

Try not to scratch the surface!

The fencing that we supply is made up of 60% FSC wood-fibres and 40% plastic. This increases the strength of the panels.

The panels come in 3.6m lengths and the posts come in 3m lengths. The panels slot together easily for a quick installation.

We offer 8 beautiful colours. If you want fencing that will blend in with the environment, consider the teak/original wood finish. 

Yes, they can.

Approximate delivery time is 7-10 working days from receipt of order.

If you install and maintain the fencing correctly, the panels should last for up to 20 years.

Use soapy water and a jet washer to clean the panels. Make sure all dirt and debris is removed from the surface.

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