Heavy Duty Weed Control Mat

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The Weed Mat's breathable woven material helps prevent weeds or other plants from protruding between your decking boards and installation. The solid woven material with cross fibre polypropylene pattern allows water and nutrients to drain, meaning the soil underneath remains unaffected.


Weed Mat Length: 20m

Weed Mat Width: 2m

Weed Mat Thickness: 100gsm

Each weed mat weighs approximately 7kg.

How to lay the Weed Control Mat:

1. Measure the area to be covered, weed mat can be overlapped in places, and it is advisable to do so rather than leave gaps.

2. Fork over the area to be covered and remove any weeds, debris or stones from the site.

3. Lay the Weed Mat on top of the prepared soil, if you need to overlap, ensure you do this with enough coverage for weeds not to come through.

4. Cover the weed mat with your desired coverage, such as chippings, bark or stones, so none of the weed mat material is exposed.

5. Covering the material will elongate the fabric's lifespan and stop weeds in the area for years to come.

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