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2.4m Composite Fascia Board - Trade Warehouse2.4m Composite Fascia Board - Trade Warehouse
2.4m Composite Fascia Board
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M4x40mm Stainless Steel Wood Screws (Pack of 100) - Trade Warehouse
4m Composite Joists/Batten - Trade Warehouse
4m Composite Joists/Batten
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Triton 5m Composite Decking Subframe 30 x 40mm - Black - Trade WarehouseTriton 5m Composite Decking Subframe 30 x 40mm - Black - Trade Warehouse
Triton Stainless Steel Deck Intermediate Clip Pack 100 - Trade Warehouse
Triton Stainless Steel Deck Starter Clip Pack of 20 - Trade Warehouse
Composite Decking Starter Clips (Pack of 50) - Trade WarehouseComposite Decking Starter Clips (Pack of 50) - Trade Warehouse
Composite Decking T-Clip Fixings and Screws (Pack of 100) - Trade WarehouseComposite Decking T-Clip Fixings and Screws (Pack of 100) - Trade Warehouse

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Solid Commercial Grade Composite Decking Boards

These boards have a coverage of 0.6 m² and  have much better strength and sound quality properties than hollow-core decking planks. These boards are a fantastic choice for commercial purposed because they are much more durable and can be subjected to heavy loads.  Available in .4m and 4m lengths.

They can be installed either way up, however we advise using the side with the narrow spaced grooves because of its low-slip properties. It also hides any potential stains or watermarks better than the smooth side. 

Please order all of the boards at the same time. This is because some batches can vary slightly (in colour) due to the natural wood within the core.

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Hollow Domestic Grade Composite Boards

Are you looking to create a stunning flat roof area in your garden? These boards are crafted using a combination of 60% recycled hardwood fibers and 40% high-grade recycled polyethene, bonding agent, additives and tint. The boards are versatile and give a modern, stylish look to your project. Available in a selection of 8 beautiful colour finishes and 2.4m or 4m lengths.

Our team recommends using the grooved side to take full advantage of the low slip properties. Note that the ends of the decking will need to be sealed off using our Hollow Composite End Cap Covers.

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Solid Commercial Grade Bullnose Composite Decking

The Bullnose boards are commonly used to fit the edges of your decking plan, thanks to their beautiful rounded boards (hence the name). They are extremely versatile and have narrow spaced grooves one one side, offering low slip properties.

Also available in 8 unique colours and FSC Certified. They can be cut or sanded down to fit your needs.

Each board is 4m long, 150mm wide and 25mm thick. 

Bullnose Composite Boards

Woodgrain Effect Hollow Domestic Grade Boards

If you want your decking project to stand out to the neighbours, then consider these beautiful woodgrain effect decking boards. Made from 60% recycled hardwood fibres and 40% recycled polyethylene, they replicate the depth of timber’s grain patterning and offer a “3D” wooden finish. If you are using the flat side up, please remember that it is not slip rated and could be more slippery than if using the reverse groovy side.

These boards are lightweight but strong, and a cheaper alternative to the PVC-ASA Woodgrain boards. Available in 8 colours and 2 lengths (2.4m or 4m).

Woodgrain Composite Boards


Please refer to our full decking guide for more information about laying your planks! If you have any questions, please get in touch with us:

This is a tough question to answer without scale drawings. However, first you need to determine your deck’s square footage by taking the length of your deck times the width (L x W). Then, divide deck square footage by board square footage – see each product for dimensions and coverage. 

How the boards will fit on your deck frame also depends on how you lay them, which can be straight, diagonal, or a complex pattern.

Let’s face it, you want to enjoy your barbecue on nice clean decking boards when the sun is out!

We advise regularly cleaning your decking. Before you start, you should remove everything sitting on your decking so it’s completely clear. Our compo-clean solution (or soapy water)  should be used with a bristle brush and warm water. 

 Leave the Owatrol Cleaner or hot soapy water on the surface for 10 minutes before washing the boards down. Remember that the boards can get quite slippery once they have been cleaned!

The boards that we supply come in 2.4m, 4m (composite) and 3.6m (PVC decking).

As long as the boards are not exposed to intense sunlight all the time, the boards will not fade. Due to UK seasonal weather, it is highly unlikely that the cladding will fade. 

However, the woodgrain cladding is more susceptible to slight fading over time.

Yes, we offer a 10 year guarantee. If you have any queries about our policies, please get in touch with us

They come in 6 different colours: Chestnut, Ash Grey, Cedar Wood, Ebony, Silver Birch and Walnut

Approximate delivery time is 7-10 working days from receipt of order.

Yes – please feel free to drop us an

Some projects may require planning permission. It will depend on where you live, how big your deck is and how high will it be. You can consult our expert technical team for further advice:

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