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The allure of the great outdoors has always captivated British homeowners. With the rise in urban living, the desire to have an outdoor retreat that's cosy and warm has grown in recent years.

Decking boards are a great way to enhance any outdoor space and here at Trade Warehouse, we supply a variety of competitively priced, high quality options.

Types of Decking Material

Wooden decks, with their organic texture and warmth, have been the traditional choice for many.

Pine, cedar, and redwood offer varying degrees of durability and aesthetics. On the other hand, composite decking, a blend of wood fibres and plastic, boasts longevity and minimal maintenance.

For the connoisseur, exotic hardwoods like ipe (very dense wood) or tigerwood provide unmatched beauty and resilience. Eco-conscious homeowners might lean towards bamboo or decks made from reclaimed materials, marrying sustainability with style.

Understanding Decking Styles

Every home and homeowner has a unique style. The classic deck style, with its understated elegance, never goes out of vogue.

Modern decks, characterised by sleek lines and a minimalist ethos, are perfect for contemporary homes.

For those pining for a touch of the wilderness, rustic decks, often using reclaimed wood and natural finishes, are ideal. And, if your home echoes the tranquility of the sea, a coastal deck style, with its light colors and airy design, is the way to go.

Incorporating Plant Life

Plants breathe life into any space. Potted plants offer versatility, allowing homeowners to switch between seasonal blooms or foliage.

Potted plants often stand out for their sheer adaptability. Housed in containers of various sizes and designs, these plants offer homeowners the liberty to curate a "dynamic garden" that "moves" with the seasons.

Depending on the season or personal preference, one can easily transition from vibrant summer blooms to the rich foliage of autumn. The mobility of potted plants also means that they can be strategically placed to either catch the sun or reside in the shade, ensuring their optimal growth.

Climbing plants, with their tendrils and sprawling nature, bring a unique charm to decks. Species like ivy, with its evergreen leaves, or jasmine, known for its intoxicating fragrance, can be trained to ascend deck railings or trellises. Over time, they form a lush canopy or a verdant curtain, serving dual purposes. Not only do they provide a respite from the sun's intensity, creating pockets of cool shade, but they also act as natural screens, offering privacy in urban settings.

But the wonders of deck gardening don't just end with ornamentals. Imagine the delight of a culinary aficionado who steps out onto their deck to be greeted by a bounty of edible delights.

From piquant basil to crisp lettuce, having an edible garden is like possessing nature's pantry. These gardens can be as expansive or as compact as space allows. Vertical planters can house a variety of herbs, while deeper pots can accommodate root vegetables like carrots or radishes. The convenience is unparalleled; fresh ingredients for a salad or a garnish for a dish are merely a few steps away. This melding of utility and beauty underscores the limitless potential of deck gardening.

decking ideas

Furniture and Seating Ideas

Functional furniture elevates a deck's usability. Built-in benches can double up as storage, while hammocks and swing chairs add a playful touch.

Modular furniture pieces or rattan corner dining sets, which can be rearranged based on need, are both practical and stylish.

Innovative Lighting Solutions

As night falls, the right lighting can transform a deck into an oasis. Ambient solar lights are not only eco-friendly but also hassle-free.

Fairy lights, strung overhead or around railings, can look really nice. For those who prefer subtlety, recessed deck lights illuminate without overwhelming.

Deck Amenities

Modern decks go beyond just seating. Outdoor kitchens, complete with grills and counters, make al fresco dining a breeze.

Fire pits and heaters ensure that the deck remains a favourite spot even as temperatures drop.

For added luxury, water features like fountains or even hot tubs can be integrated.

Safety and Accessibility

A deck's beauty shouldn't come at the cost of safety. Stylish railings can ensure safety without compromising on aesthetics. Non-slip surfaces are essential, especially in regions with frequent rain or snow.

All of the composite decking we supply is low-slip.

Additionally, features like ramps or wide staircases ensure that the deck is accessible to everyone.

Maintenance and Longevity

Like any other part of a home, decks require care. Regular cleaning, especially of gaps and corners, prevents premature wear.

Depending on the material, staining or sealing might be necessary to fend off the elements.

And, over time, if boards warp or nails pop out, it's crucial to address these issues promptly to prolong the deck's life.


A deck is more than just an extension of a home; it's a canvas where memories are made!

Whether it's sunbathing on a summer afternoon, barbecues with friends, or simply stargazing, a deck offers countless possibilities.

By investing thought and resources, this outdoor space can be both a sanctuary and a statement.

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