Asbestos Roofing Sheets

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fiber that was widely used in the construction industry until the late 1990s when it was banned due to its severe adverse effects on human health.

It was frequently mixed with cement to create a robust material with excellent insulation properties, making it a popular choice for various building materials. One common application was asbestos roofs, constructed using asbestos cement, which were commonly utilized for garage roofs in the 1960s-1970s.

We are a leading supplier of corrugated roof sheets, which can be used to replace asbestos sheets. Available in a range of profiles, colours and thicknesses.

Are Asbestos Roofs Dangerous?

Asbestos roofs can be dangerous if they are deteriorating or damaged, as microscopic asbestos fibers can become airborne, posing a significant risk to human health when inhaled.

Exposure to these fibers can result in life-threatening medical conditions such as lung cancer.

However, when compared to other asbestos products, asbestos cement-based sheets used in roofing contain a relatively small number of white asbestos fibers, which somewhat reduces the risk to human health. I

t is possible for homeowners to handle these sheets, but it must be done following strict guidelines for safe disposal.

Spotting Garage Roofs Potentially Containing Asbestos Cement

Determining whether a roof is made of asbestos cement involves considering the construction timeframe and surface characteristics.

If the garage was constructed after the year 2000, there should be no presence of asbestos, as it was banned in the UK after that time. However, if the garage roof was installed before this date, particularly in the pre-1980s era, there is a significant possibility that it contains asbestos.

Some common features to look for include dimpled or cratered exterior surfaces and corrugated roofs, as these are typical characteristics of asbestos roofs.

Is it Possible to Replace an Asbestos Cement Roof?

If complete removal of an asbestos roof is not feasible due to safety concerns, professionals may recommend sealing or covering it as an alternative. This process involves applying a robust sealant and cladding the roof with a new asbestos-free material, such as steel roofing sheets.

This approach effectively safeguards and seals the roof, preventing the release of hazardous fibers. Steel roofing sheets not only provide protection but also offer strength and style while maintaining the integrity of the sealed asbestos cement roof.

Signs Indicating the Need to Replace an Asbestos Roof

It is imperative to replace an asbestos roof if it is damaged or broken, as this poses safety risks.

Moreover, having an asbestos roof can deter potential buyers if you plan on selling your home, potentially reducing its value.

To maximise your property's value and avoid potential future problems, opting for a new roof installation is a prudent choice.

Is it Safe to Perform Asbestos Removal for Garage Roofs and Other Asbestos Cement Items on My Own?

Although it is possible to remove an asbestos cement roof on your own, it is strongly recommended to hire professionals experienced in handling asbestos materials for safe removal.

If you choose to undertake the removal process yourself, ensure that you take proper precautions, including wearing appropriate safety clothing, conducting thorough research, and following disposal guidelines to minimize the risk of exposure to asbestos fibers.

Safe Methods to Eliminate Asbestos Exposure during Disposal

Proper disposal of asbestos roofing sheets is critical to minimize the possibility of being exposed to harmful fibers.

Designated skips are available for asbestos cement disposal. Wrap the sheets securely in durable plastic and place any accompanying debris in sealed heavy-duty plastic bags before disposal to ensure safe containment.

Best Roofing Materials for Replacing Asbestos Garage Roofs

Box Profile Sheets are an excellent choice for garage roof applications. Manufactured using high-quality coated steel sheets, they offer a variety of contemporary and traditional profiles and coatings.

Additionally, they can be purchased as insulated roof panels for enhanced insulation and protection. 13/3 Corrugated Profiles are another suitable option, providing both protection and style while replicating the aesthetics of corrugated asbestos roofs.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace an Asbestos Roof?

The cost of replacing an asbestos roof is dependent on the size of the garage. As a reference, replacing an average garage roof (a single slope measuring 4m x 7m) with 34/1000 Box Profile PVC coated sheets and barge flashings would cost around £575 for materials only.

Please note that installation charges and the removal of previous roofing materials are not included in this cost.


In conclusion, asbestos garage roofs can pose significant health risks if not handled properly.

It is crucial to identify potential asbestos-containing roofs, prioritize safety, and take appropriate measures to replace or cover them.

By following the guidelines outlined in this comprehensive guide, you can ensure the safety of your property while minimising the impact on your budget.


  1. Can I remove an asbestos cement garage roof myself?
    Answer: While it is possible to remove an asbestos cement garage roof yourself, it is strongly advised to hire professionals experienced in handling asbestos materials to ensure safe removal and disposal.

  2. How can I dispose of asbestos roofing sheets safely?
    Answer: To safely dispose of asbestos roofing sheets, securely wrap them in durable plastic and place them in designated skips specifically for asbestos cement disposal. Follow local guidelines and regulations for proper disposal.

  3. Are steel roofing sheets a suitable alternative to asbestos garage roofs?
    Answer: Yes, steel roofing sheets are a safe and effective alternative to asbestos garage roofs. They offer coverage, strength, and style while avoiding the risks associated with asbestos exposure.

  4. How can I recognise if my garage roof contains asbestos cement? Answer: If your garage roof was installed before 2000, particularly in the pre-1980s era, and has a dimpled or corrugated surface, there is a significant possibility it contains asbestos cement. Consult professionals for proper identification and handling.

  5. What are the potential health risks of asbestos exposure?
    Answer: Asbestos exposure can lead to serious health problems, including lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. It is important to minimize exposure by properly managing and handling asbestos-containing materials.

Remember, always prioritise safety and consult professionals for guidance when dealing with asbestos-related issues.

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