PVC Plastisol vs Polyester Coated Roofing Sheets

Coating Differences:

PVC Plastisol Coated Sheets:

These sheets are known for their longevity, typically lasting 15-25 years before requiring maintenance and potentially exceeding 40 years of service life. They are especially suitable for areas away from harsh environmental conditions, as exposure can reduce their lifespan. PVC sheets are highly resistant to scratches and damage due to their leather grain plastic-based coating. They come in a broader array of colours, with up to 11 options, making them ideal for those seeking a premium, durable solution. However, they are generally more expensive than their polyester “counterparts.”


Polyester Paint Coated Sheets:

Polyester-coated sheets usually need maintenance after 8-12 years and have a life expectancy of over 20 years under normal conditions. Though less durable and with a lower resistance to scratches, these sheets are more budget-friendly. They come in five colours, allowing for easier integration with existing architectural styles or natural surroundings.

The choice between PVC Plastisol and Polyester Paint coated sheets depends on your budget, desired longevity, and aesthetic preference. PVC offers a longer-lasting, more durable solution with a greater colour variety, suitable for those not constrained by budget. In contrast, Polyester is more cost-effective upfront but may require earlier maintenance and replacement, making it ideal if you are looking to minimise initial expenses.

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