32/1000 Box Profile Plain Galvanised finish 0.5mm Metal Roof Sheet

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These 32/1000 box profile, 0.7 thick galvanised roof sheets are robust, long lasting and high quality metal roofing sheets. Incorporating 6 profiles of 200mm pitch across the sheet width and 32mm profile height, they are ideal for home or commercial use. Some users prefer the appearance of these box profile sheets as it has lower and fewer profiles and a superb galvanised steel finish. 1000mm width cover when lapped.

The coated steel strip that is formed into these roofing sheets and flashings is produced by leading suppliers including Heijling Zonda, Tata, SSAB, and Eurosteel, giving customers peace of mind when it comes to quality. A system of multi-layered coatings are applied to a zinc coated, high-tensile steel strip, which are then oven-cured to ensure optimum adhesion. This provides the metal roofing sheets with excellent corrosion resistance and climatic protection.

Why Choose These Sheets?

Galvanised finishes are often favoured for traditional projects where no colour finish is required.These sheets are a highly economical and robust profile. They come in a range of different colours to suit every aesthetic and can be manufactured to your specific length requirements.

Lightweight and easy to fit, your installation process will be short and simple, and you can rest assured that they have been independently tested in line with current CE EN 14782.6 profiles of 200mm pitch across the sheet width and 32mm profile height.

Made from coated steel strip and gives 1000mm actual width cover when lapped. Available in 0.7mm and 0.5mm sheet thickness, PVC Plastisol, Polyester paint finish and plain galvanised coated. Contact us for custom lengths: info@tradewarehouse.co.uk.

Customer Case Study:

Back in 2021, a customer approached us, needing over 150 sheets of box profile roof sheets for a 25,000-square-foot gym in Norwich.  We think they've done a great job installing the sheets, and the blue neon lights add that finishing touch to bring the room to life. So there you have it - these galvanised roof sheets are not just for use on the roof!

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