Lindab 350mm Rafter Bracket

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The Lindab 350mm Rafter Bracket, the longest in Lindab's range, is designed for firm anchoring of the Magestic Gutter to roof rafters. This bracket, crafted from 5mm steel, incorporates 4 holes for secure fixing.

Lindab Magestic represents a significant advancement in rust protection, surpassing traditional galvanized steel. Its robust composition not only ensures longevity but also matures gracefully over time.

This product is presented with ZM310 coating, denoting 310 grams per square meter coverage on both sides, translating to a coating thickness of 24 microns on each side. With time, the Lindab Magestic develops a patina, potentially evolving to a dark grey shade. This change often begins within a few months of outdoor exposure, contributing to a rustic and authentic appearance.

Key Features:

  • Steel guttering system with stylish simplicity characteristic of modern Swedish design
  • Long 350mm rafter bracket which can provide a more secure fixing
  • Solid 5mm steel bar which can be bent or twisted for top or side fixing.

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