M4x40mm Stainless Steel Wood Screws (Pack of 100)

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When you need to firmly secure your boards to your timber support battens, the M4x40 Stainless Steel Wood Screws are necessary for a secure, correct fit. Each pack contains 100 Stainless Steel to Wood M4x40 screws. The screws can be easily installed using a PH2 screwdriver bit. These screws can be used to secure products to joists, battens or purlins.

These screws are stainless steel and should not rust or corrode once installed. The screws are strong, durable and made of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring that your fibre cement wall cladding boards will not crack or splinter around the screw’s entry point.

The M4x40 Stainless Steel Wood Screws do not need a pre-drilled pilot hole and are designed to secure products to timber joists and purlins.

Full Specifications:

Screw length: 40mm
Screw width: 4mm
Head type: PH2
Material: Stainless Steel
Pack size: 100

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