Metal Polyester Painted White Ridge Flashing 200mm x 200mm x 3000mm

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Ridge pieces are used at the apex of the roof to join the two sides together. These polyester paint coated ridges are folded to a 130-degree internal angle and will flex 10 – 15 degrees either way, dependent on the angle of your roof. Metal roof flashing ridges are a major component in any profiled clad apex roof and are available in a range of colours and finishes to match the roofing sheets.
Please note: The 200 x 200 flashings give a coverage of 192 x 192 due to the 8mm welt. To produce high-quality, pre-coated sheeting, a system of multi-layered coatings are applied to a zinc coated, high-tensile steel strip and oven-cured to ensure
optimum adhesion. This produces a roofing sheet with excellent corrosion resistance and climatic protection, together with abrasion resistance and high strength

Dripstop anti-condensation membrane is only available on box profile and corrugated profiles. Please contact us for further information: Maximum continuous temperature range is -40oC to +80oC on this product.

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