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Product Overview

The Sussex Westfield Imperial Brick offers a timeless blend of red, russet, and burnt sienna tones, delivering a traditional and rustic aesthetic to your construction project. With dimensions of 215mm x 65mm x 102.5mm, this facing brick is versatile and well-suited for a wide range of applications.

Key Features

  • Distinctive Colour Palette: Comprising shades of red, russet, and burnt sienna, this facing brick adds depth and warmth to your project, creating a traditional and rustic ambiance that enhances its overall aesthetic appeal.

  • Versatile Usage: As a general-purpose facing brick, it is suitable for various applications, providing flexibility and adaptability to different design requirements, from residential homes to commercial buildings.

  • Frost Resistance: With an F2 frost resistance rating, this brick is designed to withstand the effects of freezing temperatures, ensuring durability and stability, particularly in regions prone to harsh weather conditions.

  • Low Soluble Salt Content: Featuring a low active soluble salt content (S2), this brick offers enhanced resistance to salt-related damage, contributing to its longevity and performance in diverse environments.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: Measuring 215mm x 65mm x 102.5mm, this facing brick conforms to standard dimensions, facilitating easy installation and compatibility with existing construction standards.

  • Compressive Strength: With a compressive strength of 20N/mm², this brick provides reliable structural integrity and stability, ensuring long-lasting performance in various building applications.


  • Traditional Aesthetic: Infuse your project with a timeless charm and rustic elegance by incorporating the Sussex Westfield Imperial Brick, featuring a distinctive color palette that evokes a sense of tradition and heritage.

  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications, from residential facades to landscaping projects, this facing brick offers versatility and adaptability, allowing for creative design expressions and seamless integration into different architectural styles.

  • Durability: With its frost resistance rating and low soluble salt content, this brick is built to withstand the elements, ensuring longevity and durability for years to come, even in challenging environmental conditions.

Elevate your construction project with the classic elegance and versatility of the Sussex Westfield Imperial Brick. With its distinctive color palette, versatile usage, and durability, this facing brick offers both aesthetic appeal and reliable performance, making it an ideal choice for builders and homeowners seeking to create enduring and timeless spaces.

Important Notice About Brick Purchases

While every effort is made to ensure safe delivery, there may be instances of brick damage during transit. It is therefore recommended to anticipate some loss by ordering an additional 5-10% above your requirements. This precautionary measure will help prevent project delays in case of breakages.

The customer must ensure sufficient access for delivery and inform of any constraints. Additional charges apply for failed deliveries due to access issues, necessitating redelivery or redirection.

Delivery is non-refundable and collection/return of each pack is subject to a minimum of £95.00 +VAT charge plus a re-stocking charge.

Image Notice:

Images may not accurately represent colour or texture due to lighting and screen differences. Requesting samples is advised.

Delivery Notice

For orders of 4 packs or fewer, delivery is made via a tail lift lorry, with bricks offloaded using a manual pump truck for kerbside placement. It's important to note that a flat concrete road surface is necessary for unloading and maneuvering bricks with the pump truck. These lorries cannot be unloaded on slopes, and the pump truck cannot operate on grass, soft surfaces, or gravel roads.

Orders of 5 packs or more are delivered using a crane off-load vehicle, unless the delivery location presents significant accessibility challenges. Please be aware that crane offload delivery may not be available for certain regions like Cornwall and Scotland, depending on hauliers' availability. In the event that a crane-mounted lorry is unavailable for an extended period, alternative vehicle arrangements will be made. However, this may incur additional transport costs and lead to delivery delays.

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