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There is no doubt about it, your rainwater products have a tough job to do. Exposure to the elements, ice, wind, UV damage and a never-ending wet-dry cycle. When deciding how to manage the rainwater run-off on your property, it’s important to ensure a built-in toughness, especially with gutters and downpipes.


 Lindab gutter weathered


Lindab Magestic Gutters and Downpipes Lindab Magestic is a new product developed by Lindab Sweden, one of Europe’s largest suppliers to the construction industry and specialists in aluminum and steel gutters, downpipes and associated rainwater products. With the Magestic range, the natural appearance of the metal gives an initial appearance of a plain galvanised steel finish. However, this hides how tough and resilient the steel really is. The Magestic coating comprises zinc, with an added 3% magnesium and 3.5% aluminium layer which gives the metal a stable barrier and an exceptionally corrosion-resistant layer. This proven and tested coating is not affected by the chlorine content of the atmosphere. In fact, the coating helps repel salt crystals (a significant cause of gutter rust). 

Lindab Gutter Outlet Magestic Colour  

Lindab Magestic has over 20 x the corrosion resistance in comparison to standard hot-dipped galvanised steel. 

This ability to handle a tough environment ensures Magestic is ideal for coastal locations or atmospheres high in alkali,  seal salt or ammonia.  Magestic can be used for animal housing, agriculture, industrial and commercial buildings and even greenhouses. It can be used in locations with a corrosivity class C4.

What is Corrosivity Class C4? 

Corrosivity classes are measures of how detrimental an environment might be to a particular steel product. There are six classes of corrosivity with C1 being the lowest i.e., Residential houses that have heated spaces with dry, non-polluting air. C5-M is the highest and would include marine environments with high airborne salinity. Class C4 takes in areas with moderate salinity (i.e coastal locations). It also includes areas with high amounts of airborne pollutants, such as chemical works, shipyards, swimming pools and atmospheres with high alkali content (i.e., agricultural and farm buildings). 

Lindab Changes with the weather 

One of the unique benefits of Lindab Magestic is its changing surface finish. Over a few years, the bright metallic appearance patinates to a dusty grey appearance. This natural and expected change to the surface layer gives the rainwater system a rustic and traditional appearance. Lindab Magestic developing patina also ensures that the product works well with historic builds as well as contemporary new builds. 

Lindab Colour Change Over Time 

Superb Warranty 

Lindab Magestic rainwater products come with a 10-year warranty 

Green and eco-friendly guttering 

Galvanised steel is a material that is 100% recyclable and can be used again and again.  By adding a fractionally small amount of magnesium to the Magestic coating, far less zinc is required to achieve even better performance. This thinner layer achieves better results and impacts less on the use of zinc, one of the earth’s natural resources. A second benefit is that the water run-off contains less zinc. When compared to standard galvanised gutters, there is less than 25% runoff into the ground.   Fitting your Magestic Guttering Fitting any Lindab rainwater product, including Magestic, does not require any specialist tools or equipment.  It can be self-installed with a reasonable degree of DIY competence. Don forget that Lindab Magestic is also available in a rectangular profile. Lindab Magestic Installation Pics


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