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Whether you are designing a new build property or renovating a home, the Lindab range of steel gutters and downpipes will add value and, with a range of sizes and profiles available, will perform exceptionally well.

The comprehensive range of colours and products is marketed under the brand name of Lindab Rainline and is distributed by us, Trade, Warehouse, across the UK. This simple 5 step guide helps you choose the optimum style and size of rainwater management components.


Step 1: Choose your shape

The Lindab Rainline range is available in two profiled shapes and five sizes. Shapes (often called profiles) are half-round and rectangular. Steel gutters are exceptionally popular, however the new Lindab rectangular shape steel gutter offers a contemporary appearance, deeper flow, and larger water capacity. Lindab Half-Round Gutters (R) Half-round gutters are available in 4 sizes: 100mm, 125mm, 150mm and 190mm.

Half round gutters 

When ordering, please ensure the product order code for this shape is preceded by the letter 'R.' For example, a 3-metre half-round gutter of size 100mm would have the order code R3100. In the UK, a popular size for half-round gutters is 125mm (for an average-size three-bedroom property). This might be matched with 87mm round downpipes. Lindab Rectangular Gutters (RTRA) Lindab rectangular gutters work well on areas where recessed or hidden gutters are not possible. A wide range of brackets are available to solve almost any fixing problem, even on old and out of shape fascia boards. Again, when ordering, please ensure that the product order code for this shape is preceded by RTRA. For example, a 3-metre rectangular gutter would have the order code RTRA 3140  Lindab Downpipes (SROR) 

For downpipes, the product order code for your size is preceded by the code SROR. For example, a 3-metre downpipe of size 87mm would have the order code SROR 387. Lindab downpipes (drainpipes) come in 4 sizes: 75mm, 87mm, 100mm, and 120mm. 


Step 2: Choose your colour

The Lindab range of galvanised steel gutters comes in a wide variety of RAL colours, including Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016 and RA L7011). When considering the lengths and profiled shapes to use for your project, you’ll notice that there is a Lindab colour or shape for any situation. 


Colour range lindab Colour range Image 2  Still not sure about which colour to choose? Why not request a free colour sample from us?

Request a colour sample When ordering components please ensure that the order colour code is contained in the Lindab item code. Colour choice is indicated by two letters on the end of the component code. For example, a 3-metre downpipe of size 87mm in the Magestic finish would have the order code SROR 387 MG 


Lindab Silver Metallic RAL 9006,    Lindab Anthracite Metallic RAL 9007, Lindab Anthracite Grey RAL 7016, Lindab Dark Grey RAL 7011.


dark lindab colours Lindab Black RAL 9011, Lindab Antique White RAL 9002, Lindab Brown RAL 8017, Lindab Coffee Brown RAL 8019 Lindab Tile Red RAL 8004,  Lindab Dark Red RAL 3009


Step 3: Calculate your optimum size and compile a component list

In order to select the correct size of gutters and downpipes, it is necessary to understand the quantity of water discharged from the roof area. This is often called the 'flow rate' or 'flow capacity.'  If there are a lot of bends and corners on the gutters or downpipes, then this capacity will be reduced by about 15%. For a detailed description and methods of calculating rainwater flow capacity, view the latest catalogue.  If you already know your size then it’s a simple process to select the necessary components. Please ensure that you have the current Lindab Trade Price List to compile your requirement list. Guidance LindabWe are here to guide you every step of the way - we can guide you through the Rainline sizing process and our expert team is ready to give you the technical advice needed to make a purchase. Get in touch with our sales team on 0208 037 6020 or drop as an email:


Step 4: Choose a delivery option

Express Delivery is an option if you need your components quickly. Look for the blue circle and 'Ex' logo to show that items are in stock and available for fast delivery.  This logo appears in the price catalogue beneath the corresponding colour. Lindab delivery gutterThe Lindab Express Logo means that item is in UK stock and available for immediate delivery.


Step 5: Lindab Gutters best price?

Order with us and receive your trade discount !! Here at Trade Warehouse, we are experts in rainwater management, and we despatch hundreds of thousand of items to UK customers. You can call your local office with your order at any time. You will not only speak with an expert, we’ll also ensure that you receive your Lindab Gutter order at the best price! Lindab delivery team

Some frequently asked questions about Lindab Rainline Gutters:


Is there a Lindab Guttering office near me? 

Yes, we have four UK offices including Lindab Guttering London, Glasgow, Exeter, and Manchester. 

What are Lindab Gutters made from? At the core of the Lindab Rainline range is a high-quality European Steel that is heavily galvanized. This gives a thick protective layer of zinc protection. On top of this layer is a durable and flexible paint coating giving the required colour. 

What is the life expectancy of Lindab gutters? 70 years!  The Rainline painted range of gutters come with a standard 15-year warranty. Lindab Magestic comes with a standard 10-year warranty 

Do you stock Lindab Gutters near me? We have offices at various locations across the UK. Our LindabGuttering warehouse is centrally located, ensuring you receive your goods swiftly. 

I am thinking of a standing seam metal roof, will Lindab Rainline match my roof  ? Yes. Our sister company, The Metal Roof Company, are experts on both standing seam metal roofing and Lindab Rainline products. 

What are the advantages of the Lindab Magestic range? Lindab Magestic is a finish that initially comes in a brighter appearance and over time, this patinates to a dusty ‘zinc-grey.’ 

How do I install Lindab gutters? Do I require a specialist gutter installer or roofer? No, if you are a confident DIY’er then the simple click together Lindab system ensures speed and simplicity. The components are also ideal for main contractors, builders, and property developers alike. 

Are Lindab Rainline Gutters eco-friendly? Yes. Lindab Steel rainwater system is the most eco-friendly gutter system available on the market.  The entire product life cycle (when compared to plastic, cast iron, zinc and aluminium gutters) shows a far lower carbon footprint than any of its competitors.

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