How to paint rattan garden furniture


Welcome, DIY enthusiasts! Are you looking at that old rattan furniture in your conservatory and thinking it's time for a refresh?

This comprehensive guide is designed to help you transform your conservatory rattan furniture into a vibrant and inviting space.

Firstly, Can You Paint Rattan Furniture?

Absolutely! Rattan's naturally porous surface makes it an ideal candidate for a fresh coat of paint, allowing it to absorb and hold paint well. This quality also ensures that the paint penetrates the surface effectively, resulting in a robust and long-lasting finish.

  • Advantages of Painting Rattan:
    • Enhances durability
    • Provides a fresh, new look
    • Allows customisation to fit any decor

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Required Materials

Before embarking on your painting journey, it's crucial to gather all necessary materials. This preparation will make the process smoother and more enjoyable.

Materials List:
  • Rattan Furniture: Select pieces such as your rattan sofas and sofa sets or any rattan items that you wish to transform.
  • Sandpaper: Essential for prepping the surface.
  • Primer: A must-have for paint adhesion.
  • Acrylic or Spray Paint: Choose colours that resonate with your style.
  • Paintbrushes or Spray Paint Can: Depending on your application preference.
  • Drop Cloth or Plastic Sheeting: Protect your workspace from spills.
  • Face Mask and Ventilation: Safety first during the painting process.

Key Tip: Having all necessary materials at hand is key to a successful and enjoyable rattan painting project.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Preparing the Workspace

    • Find a well-ventilated area for painting.
    • Lay down a drop cloth or plastic sheeting to protect the floor and surrounding area.

  2. Cleaning the Furniture

    • Use a mix of mild detergent and warm water.
    • Employ a soft brush or cloth for cleaning.
    • Allow the furniture to dry completely.

  3. Sanding the Surface

    • Use fine-grit sandpaper for a smooth finish.
    • Sand lightly to improve primer adhesion.

  4. Applying Primer

    • Choose a suitable primer for rattan.
    • Apply an even coat, covering all areas.

  5. Painting the Furniture

    • Select either acrylic paint or rattan furniture spray paint.
    • Apply thin, even coats for the best finish.
    • Allow each coat to dry before the next application.

  6. Sealing the Paint

    • Use a clear acrylic sealer for protection.
    • Ensure even coverage for long-lasting results.

  7. Letting it Cure

    • Allow the furniture to cure for at least 24 hours before use.

Key Takeaway: Following these steps diligently will ensure a stunning and durable finish on your rattan furniture, making it a standout feature in your conservatory.

Best Paint Choices for Rattan Furniture

Choosing the right paint type is crucial for the best results. Here are some options:

  • Acrylic Paint: Versatile and available in many colors, perfect for hand-painting.
  • Spray Paint: Offers easy application and a smooth finish.
  • Chalk Paint: Known for its matte finish and vintage look.
  • Outdoor Paint: Ideal if the furniture is exposed to the elements.

Key Takeaway: Selecting the right paint, such as those found in our ultimate guide to buying rattan garden furniture, is essential for achieving the desired aesthetic and durability.

Spray Painting Rattan Furniture

Spray painting is an efficient method to revamp your rattan furniture. It's particularly effective for reaching the intricate weaves of rattan.

Steps for Spray Painting:

  • Follow the same preparation steps.

  • Use rattan furniture spray paint for a smoother finish.

  • Apply in even, sweeping motions.

Key Takeaway: Spray painting is a time-efficient method that yields a smooth, even finish, perfect for complex rattan pieces like those in our rattan bistro set collection.

5 Steps to Revamp Your Conservatory Furniture

Beyond painting, there are additional ways to revamp your conservatory furniture for a complete makeover.

  1. Reupholstering Cushions

    • Choose new fabrics that complement your fresh paintwork.
    • Consider patterns and colors that add vibrancy.

  2. Rearranging Furniture

    • Experiment with different layouts.
    • Aim for a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

  3. Adding Indoor Plants

    • Introduce greenery for a natural touch.
    • Select plants that thrive in conservatory environments.

  4. Decorative Accessories

    • Incorporate throw pillows, rugs, and artwork.
    • These elements add depth and character.

  5. Lighting Choices

    • Opt for soft, warm lighting.
    • Use varied light sources for ambiance.

Key Takeaway: Revamping your conservatory goes beyond painting; it's about creating a harmonious space that reflects your style and personality, as explored in our guide to choosing outdoor commercial garden furniture.


This DIY journey is more than just a project; it's a creative exploration that infuses new life into your conservatory.

With these steps and tips, you're well-equipped to transform your rattan furniture into pieces that not only look great but also tell a story of personal style and creativity.

References and Additional Resources

Feel free to contact us with any questions or for more expert advice. Happy decorating!

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