227L Standard Water Butt Barrel Grey

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Rainwater recycling capabilities, offering a smart way to reduce water bills.

This model boasts a high-quality build with a sleek grey finish, making it a perfect fit for gardens and outdoor areas of any size. It also features a convenient tap for easy use.

Safety is a priority with this water butt, as it includes a child-safe lockable lid. Additionally, it's eco-friendly, being made from recycled plastic, aligning with environmental conservation efforts.

A notable aspect of this water butt is the 5-year warranty covering manufacturing defects, ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction.

We ensure availability within the UK, and it comes with complimentary delivery to UK Mainland locations.


  • Diameter of Water Butt: 60cm
  • Height of Water Butt: 99cm
  • Height of Stand: 30cm
  • Diameter of Stand: 50cm

Product FAQs

Question: I own a Harcostar 227L water butt with a stand and want to connect it to an identical one. What connectors do I need and will the water flow between them if they're at the same height?

For connecting two Harcostar 227L water butts, you should use the Harcostar Long Water Butt Linking Kit.

Question: Does the water butt come with a tap? Also, how soon can I expect delivery? 

Yes, this water butt includes a tap. It's currently on pre-order and should be back in stock by mid next week, with delivery expected approximately one week thereafter.

Question: Does the water butt have two tap holes at the bottom for linking multiple water butts? 

The water butt has one hole at the bottom for the tap. Additionally, two holes at the top can be used for linking kits and a diverter.

Question: What size tap is required for the Harcostar water butts, as I have misplaced mine? 

The Harcostar water butts require a 3/4" tap (GA28P-Quick-Fit), which is available on our website. Alternatively, any other 3/4" BSP tap will also be suitable

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